Vikram Shila Export Import, the marketing partners with Trilok look into  International and Domesatic Sales of the product range.

Dhanashree CEO of Vikram shila, has practical experience in the Export Import  business of 15 years plus has been actively in the training  vertical to share her experiences with various govt and private  organisations.

She has been awarded by MCCI Lady Ramabai Award in 2011 for her work in agriculture backward linkage.

MITCON and Sakal has appreciated her work in agriculture by honouring her the Maharashtra Udyogini Award.

She has also represented India in UN and read various papers on the topic challenges faced by Indian Agro exporters and probable solutions.

Her active involvement to promote the ready to eat products during the present COVID period was appreciated  and product value  understood differently by markets.

At Trilok along the team she stands responsible for market development and related activity.

Kindly feel free Contact of bulk related or distribution related.
Email: dhanashree@trilokfoods.ccom
What up: +91 95610 94893