Just Sip Dudhi (2 packs of 35 g each) – Diabetic Friendly


  • 100% vegetarian , No artificial colors, No added preservatives, No added MSG
  • Contains 5 serving Sachets in each pack
  • helps in weight loss
  • Good source of dietary fiber
  • No added sugar, No added fat, zero cholesterol


Just Sip Dudhi is a nutritious vegetable drink composed of bottle gourd powder blended with black salt and spices. According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Dudhi is energetic to heart, veins & muscles. It helps to maintain cholesterol level in blood. It also effective against acidity & stomach related problems in body. Dudhi is useful for Diabetes, Weight Loss, Heart problems, Diarrhea /constipation, Kidney stones & Urinary disorders and to overcome nutritional deficiencies.

Empty contents of one sachet in one glass of water( 80 ml), Stir well and serve.

Just Sip Tip: Consume 1 sachet daily on an empty stomach preferably early in the morning.

Additional information

Weight 70 g


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