Just Sip dehydrated-drinking-vegetables

What is Just Sip?

Just Sip is a nutritious vegetable drink composed of different vegetable powders such as Tomato, Palak, Dudhi, Carrot, Cabbage, Seasonal variety Along with Dal – vegetarian proteins Lentils.

One solution to fulfill your daily servings of Vegetables along with high protein legumes, Vitamins, Minerals, dietary fibers and antioxidants. It is completely natural just like Traditional food , perfect for anyone who may be looking for daily recommended intake of all essential micro-nutrients.

Nourish your Health and Supercharge your immune system naturally with finest ingredients and best sources of Vegetables grown on fertile clean and green land of Western Ghats, after harvesting gently dry them at low temperature with advance technology to preserve its nutrients, Colour & aroma.  Our Food experts make it in all in one convenient pouch to fuel your body.


Why Just Sip ?

Are you bored of eating vegetables?
Are you getting the required nutritional factors with your routine diet?
In this fast life do you / your mother or wife have enough time to cook daily requirement of vegetables?

One Glass of Just Sip means

  •  5 different vegetables and 4 different lentils
    100% vegetarian
    Natural Source of vitamins and minerals
    Good source of dietary fiber
    No added fat, zero cholesterol
    No artificial colors
    No added preservatives
    No MSG
    300% more vegetables than standard soup-mixes

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